Face slapped during argument at Gormans Hill

A WOMAN charged with common assault has received a conditional discharge and been placed on a two-year bond after appearing in Bathurst Local Court.

Mari Ann Maskill, 56, of Westbourne Drive, appeared before visiting magistrate Seagrave on Monday.

Police facts tendered to the court told how the accused attended an address in McPhillamy Avenue, Gormans Hill, walked around the side of the house and knocked on the door.

The victim came to the door and saw the accused standing outside, according to the police facts.

The accused opened the door, went into the home and, upon seeing the victim, pointed her finger and said: “I want to speak with you.”

The accused and the victim exchanged words and the accused went into the bedroom, where she began stripping a bed of all its sheets, according to the police facts.

The accused and the victim had a conversation and the victim, according to the police facts, said something to the effect of "just because I have a family who support me and you only have a son".

Hearing this, the accused slapped the victim across her face, hitting her ear, jaw and upper left side of her forehead. The victim’s glasses were flung from her face, according to the police facts.

The accused grabbed the victim by her necklace and her hair and, in self-defence, the victim grabbed the accused by the hair and used her knee to strike the accused in the crotch in an attempt to escape from her. But the accused continued to hold onto the victim.

A third party entered the room, saw both parties having hold of one another and told them to stop, which they did, though they continued to exchange words.

Police were notified and Maskill was charged.