Pump Action: Fuel prices reach $1.46

GLOBAL factors have seen Bathurst motorists hit hard by a petrol price jump of almost 20 cents, pushing the city’s average to 146.6 cents per litre.

A NRMA spokesperson said the spike in prices has been seen all over the country.

“Unfortunately, Bathurst has been feeling the same effect as the rest of Australia with petrol prices,” they said.

“OPEC Nations announced just before Christmas that they would cut production of oil, they are now doing that and as a result we have seen world oil prices go up steadily, unfortunately that has flowed on to the bowsers in Bathurst.”

Most retailers in Bathurst put their prices up on Tuesday, but motorists can still save by shopping around.

“Even with those high prices we’ve been able to identify local service stations using the MYNRMA app that are several cents cheaper  - this highlights the difference in behaviour between the major fuel retailers and the independents,” the spokesperson said.

“Their strategy is to compete on cost because they have no alternative – that’s why their prices are often lower and we encourage motorists to go to independents when they can because of this.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Metro retailer on Rocket Street had yet to put its unleaded price up to the same level as its competitors.

Unleaded fuel was on offer for 123.9 cents per litre.

This retailer also had significantly better e10 and diesel prices than its competitors, advertising both of these varieties for 119.9 cents per litre.

The NRMA spokesperson said the average price isn’t expected to rise any further for the time being. 

“The good news is that the Aussie dollar is improving and MOGAS prices have dropped a touch over $3 a barrel so we are certainly hoping the worst is behind us,” they said.

In the meantime, people are urged to do their research before filling up.

After the Metro on Rocket Street, the next best place to fill up with unleaded is at the Metro retailer at Perthville.

There this variety is advertised for 135.9 cents per litre.

The same retailer also has diesel at 123.9 cents per litre, significantly better than most of its competitors.

The next best e10 price is 143.9 cents per litre, on offer at the United on Durham Street, Caltex on Bentinck Street and both 7-Eleven retailers.

Anyone who spots a cheap petrol price is encouraged to share it on the Western Advocate Facebook page.