Xanadu to play at BMEC thanks to Carillon Theatrical Society

LEG warmers, roller skates and neon lights – step back into the 1980s with the Carillon Theatrical Society (CTS).

CTS cast and crew will bring cult classic Xanadu to the stage in what promises to be a funny parody of the original film, producer and director Leonie Freeth says.

“We’ve got young leads that are full of energy … the show is really funny,” she said.

“It’s really fun and engaging and full of big 80s dance numbers.”

Ms Freeth said they have retained elements of the original film’s story and it will be “very reminiscent for some people.”

“We’ve got a big tap dance number and we’ve extended some of the music to have some big dance numbers,” she said.

Xanadu is on at BMEC from May 5 to 13. 

Cast members

  • Eliza Tucker ‘Kira’
  • Dave Webb ‘Sonny’
  • Wayne Howard ‘Danny’
  • Gabbi Bolt ‘Melpomene’
  • George Sargent ‘Terpsichore’
  • Kurt Booth ‘Thalia’Green
  • Sammy Taylor ‘Calliope’
  • Eliza Breach ‘Euterpe’
  • Tamika Booth ‘Erato’