Western Advocate doorstep gifts: week six | Photos

SIX weeks in and the Western Advocate’s mysterious doorstep gift-giver is showing no signs of running out of ideas – or props.

In fact, the second of the three gifts left for us this week was one of the wittiest yet: a bottle on top of a chocolate bar with a “Water found on Mars” sign.

The first of this week’s gifts – a commentary on the moon eclipse, featuring the mints of the same name – also had an out-of-this-world theme, while the third was a bit more domestic.

It was an advertisement for a washer and dryer – but not of the electronic appliance kind.

We received our first doorstep gift at our George Street entrance on June 26 and the offerings have come at a steady rate in the weeks since.

Our gift-giver has managed to remain unmasked throughout that period while establishing a reputation for wit and whimsy.

There has even been the occasional piece of commentary about an event in the city – as there was this week about the upcoming Black Tie and Boots ball.